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Rental Property Prep

Rental Property Prep

Rental Property Prep Rental property preparation for your fibers is important to ensure you get the most years of use out of your wall to wall carpet while renting out your home.  Cost of replacing a room of carpet can cost more than having the carpets professional cleaned and scotch guard applied.  Professionally cleaned carpets …

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We Clean Semi-Tractors

We Clean Semi-Tractors

We Clean Semi-Tractors​ Yes we can clean the fibers in the cab of your big rig.  Cleaning the fibers will improve the overall air quality in your rig and at the same time beautify it too.  Did you know that everyday you breathe in approximately 40 pounds of air into your lungs?  Improving the air …

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How To Select a Professional Carpet Cleaner

larry carpet cleaner

Commercial Carpet Cleaning There are many cleaners available to choose from with different price ranges for the service you want performed in your home.  The questions become, how do I decide which one to use and what do you base your decision of which cleaner you use.  Do you determine by price or determine by …

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Happy New Year

superhero cleaning team

Happy New Year Happy New Year and we say Welcome to the Year 2017.  Wow so many times we get wrapped up in the setting of resolutions that we forget to do them.  Here at Carpet Care Plus we try not to over size the resolutions but make them obtainable goals.   Our resolutions for …

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Safety At Home

safety in home

Safety At Home​ Your home is your personal safety zone a place you can relax and not have to put up with the outside world and one, that you can control who gets to enter your home.  You only want to allow those in that you feel safe and trust to treat your home as …

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