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Do I Need To Clean My Carpets In The Winter?

footprints on carpetYes.  Dirt and salt from snow continues to enter your home no matter what time of year but, especially during the winter months.  Salt that you use to melt snow still will enter into the home on the bottom of shoes and the melted ice in the form of wet muddy looking water.  This combination does a number on your carpets because, the salt has sharp edges that grind on your fibers and breaks them down.  This break down makes your carpets look darker in those areas even when you can’t see a stain.  The muddy melted down snow brings in the mud that makes your stains and spots.  By cleaning during the cold time we remove these items and beautify your carpets while saving you money on replacement cost.

Cleaning in the Winter also, saves you from all those mold and pollen spores that are now trapped in your home from all the fall leaves and rains.  Also if you have one of those super bugs going around and around members of the family and everyone keeps getting sick, then cleaning will help remove the germs from the fibers of your furniture and carpets.  Healthier environments make for a better more healthy winter season.

Remember your pets still go in and out of the house and bring all the above with them back into the house .  Another fact is, all pets will bring some fecal matter back into the home no matter if they are perfectly trained to use the outside for their bathroom.  You may not see it but if you set around naked all the time, it’s just going to happen. 

Winter is cold, snowy, wet and full of germs that we just can’t get away from but, with regular scheduled cleanings will ensure that your environment will be healthier, save money in replacement cost but most of, you will have a beautified carpet to look at.

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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