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How To Maintain Your Fiber For Your RV, Camper And Boat

It’s that time of year when many of us pull the toys of summer out for another season.  Many have been stored away since your last outing of the fall in rental yards, garages or just with a tarp over them.  All the air is stagnant inside and the time has come to air them out and clean them.

The first mistake was putting the toys away without using a professional to clean your carpets and upholstery to ensure all the bugs and summer dirt is removed.  Lesson 1, don’t just run a vacuum and clean the countertops, take the time to hire a professional to clean and also reapply the protectant to ensure your fibers will last.

If you didn’t complete this, then now is the time to have those fibers cleaned and protected before you use them.  Let me explain why; carpets act as a filter in your indoor air quality, they capture and hold dust pollen, mold spores and even your dead skin cells.  Once the carpet is full it can no longer perform and thus all of the irritants continue to float in the air reducing your air quality.  Did you know, I can take a pound of sand and hide it in a square foot of carpet?  Yes, the carpet can hold lots but while it is holding it, some of those dry soils especially sand, act as a sand paper and begin to damage the individual fibers of the carpet.  Have you ever seen a darker walk path in your camper?  Some of that is caused by the reflection of light onto the fibers.  When the fiber is new and no abrasions, the light reflects perfectly off the carpet and makes the sheen of the carpet.  Sand and other dry soils rubbing on the fibers causes them to become nicked up and the light won’t shine the same.

Do you know how much replacement carpet costs?  Believe me, a cleaning is a fraction of the cost for replacement and with a professional cleaning you will add years onto the life of your carpet and save the cost of replacement. 

Your furniture in your campers and RVs also need cleaned because they to have a fiber base and the same issues associated with the carpets will occur in the upholstery too.  Also, who wants to smell and see the spots and stains caused by last year’s adventures? 

We have the solution for you, we have a full operational shop with a bay to conduct the cleaning of your RVs, campers and boats.  We clean them and dry them so you can use them right away.  Also we have Scotch Guard available to help protect for future spots.  Remember, Carpet Care Plus is a full service fiber shop ready to help you and your toys!

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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