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4 Questions To Ask When Shopping For A Carpet Cleaner

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Carpet Cleaner

Every week you will find ads stating whole house cleaned for $99.00 or the old any 5 rooms cleaned for a set price of $120.00 dollars with pretty ads and lots of words.  The key here is to read the following words carefully;


These three words should tell you something isn’t right especially, when you see just below those words such things as; deep cleaning, sanitizer, moving furniture, spotting and yes even sometimes shampoo appear here.  This means, that for that cheap price listed at the top, you will pay additional for all those to be added.  We will address each one below;

1.  Deep Cleaning; all cleanings should be deep cleanings.  No cleaner should do less then fully clean the carpets period.  They will say you need this and raise the price up to reflect the added service.  We quote all prices with a deep cleaning included.

2. Sanitizer; we always include a sanitizer and introduce steam heat for a thorough job. They will add a price on to boost the price even though this should be a standard practice.

3. Moving Furniture; of course you want them to move what they can safely move and clean underneath again added cost by them not by us.

4. Spotting and shampoo; Yes, they make this an additional cost factor again to raise the cost to you.  Of course you want your carpets spotted and the use of shampoo!  We always include spotting and shampoo however, we do add on additional charges for pet treatments and excessive spotting issues.

We include the above items in all of our quotes because we want to actually clean your carpets and yes our price initially will be hire then theirs however, once they add in the items, their price will always be higher.  My technicians are professional cleaners and not paid commission sales persons.  We are a reputable company with reasonable pricing to ensure we can hire the best and keep the best but also provide the service you expect and pay for. 

The next time you peruse the ads remember to ask, “What does the special include and does that include a deep cleaning, spotting and shampoo?”  

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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