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We are the Fiber Army to assist you in all your fiber needs to make your home, business or vehicle look good, last longer, and remove allergens from your fibers.  We have the expensive tools that make the job easier, quicker and most of all more proficient.  Stop trying to rent a machine that doesn’t provide the level of success a professional can and breaking your back to do it.  We are your solution for all of the above.

You see we have spent the time training, learning and practicing to be the best possible at cleaning fibers and we have the best tools.  A store rented machine can only perform at 1/5 power wise not included is also the knowledge on spot removal, and the experience to clean it right.  The other added benefit is, we use high heat to kill any dust mites, mold spores and allergens in your fibers and then with our powerful van mounted vacuum we remove them from your home.  We also sanitize with a sanitize solution to make your carpets feel, smell and look fresh. 

Don’t waste another day off running to the rental store and lugging back that in some cases dirty machine someone just used and bring that into your home.  Spend all day on a day off cleaning and dumping dirty water instead, let us come in while you enjoy a cup of coffee and read your book and let us to the work.  We only bring in a hose and wand as everything is fed off the van to include the power and water.  Oh by the way, we soften our water to provide even better results in the cleaning process. 

All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial our number and sit back and watch the fiber army take care of the rest.  FYI We also clean area rugs the proper way; we take them to our rug cleaning plant and fully wash them and bring them back to you.  

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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