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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There are many cleaners available to choose from with different price ranges for the service you want performed in your home.  The questions become, how do I decide which one to use and what do you base your decision of which cleaner you use.  Do you determine by price or determine by qualifications and exactly what they are going to complete on the job.

We don’t match prices of other cleaners because, what we do for a 3 room package will be different then what another company will do.  For Three rooms we will move items we can safely move like: tables, chairs, couches, end tables and loveseats.  On every job we deep clean using a good pre-spray and then shampoo to obtain the best cleaning results.  We also spot any stains prior and during cleaning to remove them from your fibers.

We ensure each professional technician entering your home or business have received the proper training both in-house and at professional schools dedicated toward craftsmen.  In other words we didn’t buy a machine a started cleaning carpet.  You can go to any big box store and rent a carpet cleaning machine if you want that service.  The difference between that and us is, we know how to remove the stains, sanitize your carpets, and obtain professional results.  All of our professionals spend time each year in formal classes to hone their skills and each work toward the master textile status.

We also carry all the required insurance to protect ourselves and more importantly to protect you the home owner or business owner from liability.  We can’t meet the price of the person that rents a machine and shows up at your house because we have cost associated with insurance.  Now if that person that comes to your home and doesn’t have proper insurance well, you could be held liable for his work issues and injuries if they occur in your home.

Most importantly, we are not a fly by night establishment and we will be there to answer your call if a spot wicks back up or you have an emergency need of a cleaning.  We also won’t be in your home pushing you to purchase additional services or products you don’t need.  We are locally owned and operated and we back our work and know that we provide all of our customers with the best cleaning and service they will ever experience.

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