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Pet Treatment For Subflooring

Not all pet stains and odor issues remain just in the fiber of the carpet or the padding located directly under it.  If the accident of Urine takes place and you the owner don’t know about it and it dries, than some of that liquid will transfer to the subfloor.  You see any liquid based stain will travel the easiest route to escape. Welcome to subfloor issues.

Many times your pet will urinate on your carpets and it will work its way to the padding and eventually to the subflooring.  You won’t even know about until, Spring or Fall when you open the windows to let fresh air in and of course with that, comes the humidity.  Your Ac and Furnace unites have humidity devices on them to control the level in your home.  Your windows don’t therefore, the humidity level will rise in your home and when that happens, the salts from the urine that have made their way to the subfloor will rehydrate.  Rehydrated urine will smell and eventually through wicking will come to the surface as it dries again causing a dark looking spot. 

We can clean to the back of the carpet but we can also use methods to inject the pad and subfloor to help eliminate the odors and neutralize the salts.  However, sometimes the amount of urine in the wood is so saturated that injections will not relieve the odors.  In this case a product like the one pictured is needed to seal the subfloor before replacing the pad and carpet. 

We have a pet treatment and we will clean with enzymes and inject for the pet issues but in some cases the next step is replace the pad and carpet and seal the floor.  I know this is expensive process and one that should be done after an attempt to clean and inject has taken place. 

We are here to help you through the process and try and save you as much as we can so please feel free to call us with any questions because we just like to help.  

Note the product shown is one of many designed to handle the job! Please check with your local hardware store for assistance.

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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