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Top 5 Things to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning

5. Remove all small items off tables and small items off the floor so that we can easily move your furniture back and forth during the cleaning to get all possible surface area.

4. Putting up all free roaming pets. We love animals. We really do. but sometimes Rex or Mister Mittens isnt exactly the most helpful. Putting the animals in their cages or
a room that isnt going to be used is the easiest way to avoid any unwanted attention,

3. A pre-vaccuming greatly helps the cleaning process. Not only does it remove all loose topsoil, it also pulls the fibers upward. Therefore making it easier for the shampoo to get a deep down cleaning.

2. Pre-cleaning walk thru. When the cleaners arrive, take them on a tour of all the rooms you intend to clean and point out any and all spots or areas of concern that you have. This way, the profesionals can pretreat the spots to get the best clean possible.

1. And the best thing you can do to prepare for a professional Carpet Cleaning? Well, that has to be SMILE! Because now you can relax and leave the hard part to us and enjoy your clean carpet.

(side note: If you aren’t going to be present during th cleaning be sure to leave ample instructions for our arrival and departure of the home, and if possible a phone number to reach you and instruction on locking up, etc.) We strive to make your cleaning experience a great one so that you will want to call us again and again.

Larry McQueen
Carpet Care Plus
IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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