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All About Saturday at Carpet Care Plus

Saturday is a day that I like to spend reflecting on the work we have completed during the week. We cleaned 10 area rugs and repaired 5 area rugs. We also inspected two Chinese area rugs for customers to assess their value on the market to determine if they should sale them at this time. I enjoy this aspect of the business because we get to meet so many clients and hear the story behind their rugs.

We also did a few new commercial carpet cleanings and renewed some old relationships with commercial clients. Commercial cleaning is very rewarding because we restore the cosmetics of the carpet, improve the air quality by removing the dust and pollen, and we save the client money by not having to replace the carpet by adding years of life onto the existing carpet.

Residential cleaning week was made up of many returning customers that have use are service for years. Some of our customers have been with us since we started the company and have continually cleaned their carpets with our service through more than one home.

We even did a couple of vehicle upholstery jobs one for spilled milk jug that had started to sour and one for an orange juice spill. Anything that spills on your seats that can spoil is a candidate for our cleaning to remove it and sanitize it. We even cleaned the kids car seat to ensure we got it all.

Another great week here at Carpet Care Plus and here’s to another one next week.

Larry McQueen
Carpet Care Plus
IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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