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What Is The Best Way To Sell My House?

What is the best way to sell your home?  Cleaning the carpets will make your home look great and smell great too!  We wouldn’t put a car for sale without washing and waxing it would you?  Of course not, you are going to show that vehicle in its best condition in hopes that someone will pay your full asking price and make offers quick.

Your home is just like your car, if you want to sell it quickly and get what you are asking for, then clean the carpets.  When they walk through the front door they should see a well loved home with clean carpets and no odors to deter them from wanting the house.  The benefit of cleaning your carpets is minimal compared to the cost of what they could be during the negotian of the sale price. When you get a cleaning from us you also get a bottle of Spot-Out, the best spotter on the market.  You also can let potential buyers know that you had your carpets professionally cleaned as part of the marketing campaign.

If you want to sell your home quickly don’t hesitate to have your carpets professionally cleaned by me or someone like me to achieve a quick sale and higher profit margins.  We guarantee our work and we know we can help you achieve your goal.  

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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