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How To Prepare For Winter And The Dreaded SNIRT

What is SNIRT

How To Prepare For Winter And The Dreaded SNIRTAs they say in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming”.  As in the show, people spend the summer and fall preparing for the next winter season to ensure survival.  Your carpets are no different when it comes to preparation for winter and need some TLC before it arrives and also during the season too.  We all use some type of ice melting product at our entryways and we all must walk across snow.  When you combine these two along with the inherent mud associated with it , you get SNIRT. 

SNIRT can’t be avoided unless you stay inside all winter but it can be corrected, if you act fast and often to thwart its effect on your fibers.  The only cure is to clean your carpets on a regular basis by professionals like us because, we have the truck mounted cleaning system that will penetrate to the bottom of the fibers and remove the SNIRT and renew the fibers. 

SNIRT will affect both commercial and residential carpets and it loves the walk-off mats found at entry ways.  SNIRT acts like a piece of sandpaper and sands years off the life of your carpet and requiring replacement way before the normal time.  SNIRT also will make your carpets look ugly and will only spread over the course of winter until you end up with walk paths of SNIRT. 

Another advantage of multiple cleanings during the year is, when you clean a carpet professionally you also remove mold spores, pollen, dead skin cells and this results in a healthier environment for everyone in the home or business.

We recommend that you clean at least twice a year for homes and if we have a rough winter with lots of SNIRT, you may even need an additional cleaning on top of the two normal cleanings.  If you are a business, we recommend at least twice a year unless your business has heavy customer traffic or if you are in the food business in this case, we recommend a quarterly or monthly program to achieve the best results.

The good news with us, we have programs to benefit all your needs and we are only a phone call away.  So, next time you face the dreaded SNIRT, don’t panic just call us.  

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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