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Is Your Couch In Need Of Cleaning?

By the naked eye a couch or any piece of furniture can look clean especially when you don’t see any visible stains.  However, even furniture that appears clean can need a cleaning every couple of years to return it to its natural clean look.  Just like your car, after you run it through a car wash you can see the dramatic difference a cleaning will make.  Now we don’t lay on our cars like we do a couch but we normally clean the car more often then we do the furniture.  We recommend at least once a year cleaning for those pieces that receive heavy traffic especially with kids, pets, and husbands.  Also, if you suffer from alergies it does help to clean all fiber surfaces on a regular bases thus removing the pollen and mold spores from the fabric.  Our services will provide three things when you schedule an appointment with us, beautify, create a healthier enviroment and last but just as important save on replacement cost.  You see every bit of dry soil acts as sand paper on your fibers thus leading to early wear patterns .  So do yourself and your couch a favor and give us a call for a professional cleaning.  Oh don’t forget we can also apply Scotch Guard to your furniture after cleaning which, will allow you the ability to get after a spill before it has time to set in on your fibers.  

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