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Association of Rug Cleaning Specialist (ARCS)

Yes we are members of the national leading rug cleaning organization in the World known as ARCS.  This organization is compiled of only rug cleaners with rug cleaning plants that handle all types of  area rugs from Persian, Oriental, and Navajo rugs.  Of course we also handle all machine rugs containing an array of fibers of natural and synthetic material.

We share best pratices for removing all types of the following stains;

  • Cat Urine
  • Dog Urine
  • Water Damage
  • Every day Spills from organic and non-organic origins

You see we just don’t advertise that we can clean rugs, we actually spend the time it takes to learn how to get the best results in our cleaning efforts to give you back your rug and make it last generations.  We appreciate the story behind the rug too.  For instance it may be a family heirloom with no value in the market but it is priceless to you to those rugs that date back to the 19th century and have a value on the open market.  Heck, we just love to hear the story behind your rugs and the family history of ownership. 

We are just not your typical carpet cleaner turned rug cleaner, we love cleaning rugs and learning the history behind them.

If you want a free quote on cleaning, repair or restoration just give me us a call and we will come out and evaluate the best cleaning solution to make your rug last.

Larry McQueen
Carpet Care Plus
IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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