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5 Ways To Make Your Carpets Last

Yes there are 5 quick easy tips to ensure your carpets last longer saving on replacement cost, healthier environment and lastly maintain their beauty in between professional cleanings.  Also, many of your carpet warranties require that you have your carpets professionally cleaned and protected 12 -18 months time frame.  Many of the manufacturers will not honor your warranty if you do not follow the requirements just like an oil change on your car it is important to clean your carpets but, it is also important to maintain them in between cleanings too.  We are going to look at the 5 ways to maintain your carpet in the following article and I hope you find this helpful!

1.  After every professional cleaning you should have them Scotch Guard the carpet to recharge the fibers and aid in the resistance to re-soiling.  I like to call this the old waxing your car deal, when you wash your car you always wax it at least once year.  Carpets are no different and require the protectant to make them last longer and maintain their beauty.

2. Vacuum your carpets at least once a week and twice weekly in heavily used areas.  When we say vacuum, we don’t mean spend a few minutes and your done, we mean take the time to go across the carpet fibers from at least two different directions to ensure full coverage.  We also recommend that you make sure your Vacuum is properly working and don’t allow the vacuum bag to get over half full.  After half full, it will lose suction power and be less effective.

3. Bare feet across your carpet is not recommended because of the natural oils in your skin become trapped in the carpet and create a residue for soil particles to attach to the fiber and create dark spots.  This also will lead to fiber damage over time by the sand paper effect soil have on the fibers. Recommend you wear house only shoes or socks. 

4.  Every time you turn your range on for cooking we recommend you also turn on the exhaust fan because the evaporating grease will float in the air and attach to the fibers again causing a sticky residue leading to dry soils attaching to them.  So don’t wait until you see smoke be proactive and turn on the fan.

5. Lastly, remember to change the filter on your furnace because once it fills up, it can no longer trap dry soil particles and they float around landing on your fibers and causing issues especially along your walls and doors where the air moves against the walls.  If you see a dark line in these areas we can professionally remove them we call these filter soil residue (FSR) and yes it is a special treatment to resolve the issue.

These are just 5 of many things you can do to make your carpets look and remain good in between cleanings by a professional like us.  We can help you make those carpets last long after their expiration dates and save you on replacement cost. 

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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