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What to do for Pet Urine in Your Area Rug

Pet Urine Treatment

    Dogs and Cats normally use the natural fiber of grass to do their business however, when they can’t make it outside they will use the natural fiber of wool.  Yes, even the best of pets will once in awhile make a mess on your rugs. Shoot even my dog who you would think would know better has relieved himself on my Persian Wool Area Rug.  What do you do when this happens? 

  First you should use plain water in small amounts on a clean cloth to dilute the urine and blotch gently on the fibers to remove as much of the urine as possible.  Do not use store bought products on hand knotted rugs because certain ones will bleed from the concentration of the solution and urine mixed together.  Some of those products contain oxidizers and bleaches which are never good for wool.  The use of the water and blotching will not eliminate the problem but it will stop any further damage.

  Call a professional trained Master Rug Cleaner, like us.  We would first identify where the rug was made and determine what would be the best possible cleaning solution.  You have to know where the rug is from to understand the process used to make the dye colors of the rug and how those dyes will react to a cleaning.  We can’t always correct what the urine or other cleaning products have done to the rug when we receive it however, we will ensure not to add to the problem and return the rug back to a viable piece in your home.

  We even use a rug spa to submerge your rug in a pet treatment of natural plant based products that dissolve the salt in the urine removing the smell from the rug and releasing the yellowing effect of urine.  We can use this method on many types of rugs and the results are good.  Many rugs have been brought to us with heavy urine and smelling so bad they could not be used in the home.  They leave here without the urine and smell like they did the day they were bought.  We don’t hide the smell; we eliminate the cause of the smell ensuring your rug is scent free and cleaned. 

  Now we can’t guarantee that your favorite pet won’t reuse the rug for a bathroom but we can guarantee that if you bring your rug to us for a pet treatment spa, we will remove the smell or we won’t charge you. 

  Please don’t read and use the home remedies you find on line, those may work on some rugs to hide the problem but, they won’t eliminate them and if your rug is hand knotted, it could ruin it too. 

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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