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What To Do About Pet Odor

What to do with Pet Odor Issues in My Home?

This one of our number 1 jobs at Carpet Care Plus and one that we spend the most time training for in-fact, we have two certified odor control technicians on staff to ensure we can meet your needs.  Now you’re at home reading this and thinking, I want to tackle this myself and save money.  Those’s okay but remember the difference between masking agents and eliminating agents also, know that pet urine removal and pet smells caused by dog hair require separate methods and approaches to achieve any results.  Also note; we are not miracle workers and even with sound and proved methods you may still end up replacing flooring and taking other additional steps.  We prefer to always start w  ith the lowest cost factors and work from there. 

So go ahead and buy a commercial odor removal product but remember, always check for color fastness issues by testing the product in an area that is hidden from plain sight view.  Now be advised when testing a product for color fastness you must use it on a urine spot because the PH in the urine and carpet along with the product will determine color fading issues and such.  Also make sure you only use the recommended amounts for fiber and not to treat a fiber surface like tile surfaces and over use the product.  Many of times we find the dreaded bleach spot from over used products and that will cost to repair that problem and leave a permanent stain behind.  Also note that many off the shelve products and home remedies will leave a residue of cleaner behind that will attract and show a dirty looking carpet. The truth of the matter is, odor removal is not easy and at best takes years to develop sound practices of removal.  You could spend countless dollars and hours attempting this yourself or you can call us.

We use the right solutions and hot water extraction to clean the area and achieve the best results possible at the least amount of spending.  Were not cheap but we in most cases save you from having to replace your carpet and pad with our initial pet treatment program.  If that doesn’t work, then we know that the subfloor will need treated and pad replaced.  Also we understand what to use to remove the yellow stain caused by urine and with hot water extraction we can remove the oily substance from the fur rubbing the carpet and causing odor too. 

Area rugs we can achieve even better results because we have a pet spa treatment for them in our shop that allows us to fully submerge the rug in our plant based product thus achieving full coverage of the fiber.  We can even eliminate cigarette smoke too.  Give us a call and let’s talk about your pet odor issues and help you achieve results. 

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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