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Time Table For Cleaning Carpets

How often should I clean my carpets?  This is a question we hear all the time from new customers and current customers and the answer we give is always the same; it depends on your situation and usage. 

Table of Cleaning:

Day Care, Nursing Home, Restaurants, Doctor Offices                                            Monthly

Residence without pets and low traffic usage                                                          8-12 Months

Residence with pets, kids, and heavy traffic usage                                         Every 6 Months

Epidemic of Sickness                                                                                              Immediately

Moving into a newer home or older home with older carpet                         Immediately

Offices with low traffic and small number of employees                               Every 6 Months

Offices with High traffic and medium or large amount of employees         Every 3 Months

Note:  Cleaning carpets more frequent will not wear out the carpet fibers in fact, cleaning more frequently will add years onto the life of your carpet, beautify your home, and promote a healthier environment.  We work with you to determine what cycle of cleaning best works for your type of situation and even provide discounts for frequent cleaning programs we call Constant Care Program Members. 

Adding Scotch Guard to the cleaning is like waxing your car after a good car washing.  It protects the fibers and allows you time to wipe up a spill without allowing it to penetrate the fiber.  We even give you a bottle of Spot Out for spills to help in between cleaning.  Spot out is the only spotter we recommend you use because it doesn’t have any residue nor is strong enough to cause permanent damage to your fibers.

Cleaning is cheaper when done on a set schedule and the carpets will last longer and save you the cost of replacement. 

Your carpets appearance will enhance your rooms when cleaned on regular bases.

Healthy clean carpets allow the carpets to act as that filter to hold in the allergens, mold spores, and dust.

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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