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How Often Should I Clean My Restaurant Carpet?

Good question, normally on commercial carpet situations, we make recommendations based on the amount of foot traffic, employees, and contact with customers in your office.  We even consider the type of work being completed and the hours of use the carpet receives on a daily bases.  However, with a restaurant carpet we recommend a monthly program to achieve the cleanest results for you and your customer.

In a restaurant, it doesn’t take long to get a buildup of grease from the kitchen to the carpet and that includes the amount of mopping taking place on the tile in between.  These two factors contribute to the tracking onto the carpet the grease and residues from cleaners.  The longer in between cleanings you wait, the larger the traffic path of grease will be.

In the picture above, we show a piece of carpet that over a month in between cleanings has begun to show traffic patterns.  As you can see, the grease buildup is already started but, because we are cleaning it on monthly bases we are able to remove the problem and save the carpet.

Three reasons to clean on monthly bases;

1. Beautify the carpet and provide your customers with a nice eating space.

2. Save you cost of replacing the carpet because dirty carpet will wear out much faster the cleaned on a regular program of cleaning will.

3. Health; we use high heat to kill anything in the carpets and safely remove it from the environment.

A first impression by a customer is very lasting and could lead to them never using you again.  One way to avoid this is, clean your carpets monthly and let them shine for you.  We have a Constant Care Program of cleaning designed individually for your needs that will ensure, your carpets provide you with a beautiful look, saves you money and a healthier environment

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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