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How Not To Spot A Carpet

This picture does paint a thousand words when it comes to spotting your carpets and how not to go about it.  Many of carpets we come across have the distinct sign of improper spotter use because we tend to treat fiber like we would our kitchen counters.  When we clean a tile surface you can use any amount of cleaner with bleach in it and scrub away until the stain is gone.  With fiber, you must use as little as possible spotter and no scrubbing.  When you scrub a fiber with a spotter you create a sandpaper effect and wear and tear destroys the fiber.  

The biggest issue is using to strong of a spotter and not using the correct spotter type.  Resolve and Oxy clean are two spotters that do remove spots well however, most people use way to much product and way to much scrubbing action that leads to bleaching and damage that is permanent.  Always read the bottle and use the least amount to achieve the removal.  Some types of spots require a specialty spot removal and should not be attempted by the ower but, by a professionally trained and certified carpet cleaning technician.  Kool Aid, red in color is actually a dye color that requires professional removal.  This picture displays what happens when someone uses a bleaching agent to try and remove the red dye from the carpet.  The sad part is, if we would have gotten to it first before any spotters were used, we would have been able to remove the dye and left no sign of a stain behind.  

Knowing the make up of a spot and what solutions to use on that spot is what we train for everyday.  We know spots and we know how to safely remove them before they become a permanent stain.  Yes it cost money to remove a spot for you however, the cost of spotting by a professional like us compared to replacing the carpet is a mere fraction of the amount.  

We are not discouraging anyone from spotting but we recommend that you use carpet cleaner approved spotters that we know will not cause a spot to become a stain but will remove the spot.  Not one spotter is made that can remove all types of spots in a home.  We have a in-home product line of spotters formulated for the most common types in homes and ones that won’t cause irreversible damage to your fibers.  

So the next time you see spots, call Carpet Care Plus first and let us help you via phone or by email  to correct your issues. 

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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