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Does The Colors In My Turkish Rug Mean Anything?

This is a good one to ask because in many cultures the colors of a rug do have meaning and can symbolize many things and in your case the answer is yes.  Turkish rugs use a variety of colors and many are determine by the region however, certain main colors used in their rugs do have symbolism behind them. 

Let’s start with the colors; 

  • Red is one of the most used colors in rug making in Turkey and it symbolizes or expresses wealth, joy and happiness
  • Green represents heaven
  • Blue is a sign of nobility and grandeur
  • Yellow is believed to keep evil away
  • Black represents purification from worries

Of course they do use other colors but these are the prominent ones you will find in Turkish Woven Rugs that are not machine made wool rugs.  They do make a variety of styles and colors in the machine woven version therefore, its best to only follow the above for your hand knotted rugs from Turkey.

 So the next time you look at your Hand Made Turkish Rug, look at the color palette and refer back to this to determine what your rug is telling you because, all rugs have a story to tell and we love hearing yours.  If you want to learn more about your hand made Turkish, Persian, Chinese, Navajo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indian or other type, just drop me a line and I will be glad to help you discover more about your rugs story.  

Until Next time, Rugman out!


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