We Clean Semi-Tractors

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We Clean Semi-Tractors

Yes we can clean the fibers in the cab of your big rig.  Cleaning the fibers will improve the overall air quality in your rig and at the same time beautify it too.  Did you know that everyday you breathe in approximately 40 pounds of air into your lungs?  Improving the air quality by cleaning your fibers will enhance that breathing ability.  You see all your fibers hold pollens, mold spores, dead skin cells and other dry soils like a filter.  Once that filter is full, it will release them back into the air.  Cleaning will allow your fibers to be a good filter and hold all of those particles out of your airways.  

Added benefits; your cab will look nice and your fibers will last longer saving in the cost of replacement carpets.  

We also can clean your recreation vehicles, campers, boats, cars and hey even your mascots!  

Until next time, Rugman out!