How To Clean A Mascot Costume

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How To Clean A Mascot Costume

How to Clean a Mascot Costume


You have a great looking mascot costume and now the smell from people wearing it and of course spots are all over it.  No one wants to don the mascot gear because of the smell and no dry cleaner wants to clean it because of the size.  What do you do?  We clean mascot costumes.  We have a full time rug washing plant and furniture plant that can handle a mascot cleaning.

We have cleaned a few in our day and the best part of it, we get to see all the creative ones out there and bring them back to the day you got them.  They smell and look better and having them cleaned will add years onto the life of the outfit.  Costumes are not cheap and to get the most out of your purchase, you need a professional cleaning completed.

How often should you clean your Mascot?  Well, we recommend after the season is over to store it away clean or you may need additional cleanings during the season depending on usage.  Our prices are very reasonable and the results are great.

Remember, who wants to put on a mascot costume that smells like a locker room?  No one does, we are your solution to take care of your team cheer leader and the person that has to wear it.  Next time you see the Belo-Man, he will be clean inside and out.  Until next time, Rugman out!